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Women of Means, Inc. is Proud to Announce the Publication of a Unique Directory of Boston Area Support Services for Individuals Who Are Homeless

In answer to a need for accurate and thorough information about medical and community services available to the homeless and other folks who are down and out. Women of Means has created and up-to-date directory, complete with telephone and fax numbers for organizations that offer a helping hand. This comprehensive directory can save you time and energy as it contains quick, easy access to services and referrals. Included are more than 600 numbers for services provided by the state and local governments, detoxification support, discrimination referrals, drop-in services and meals, healthcare options for the homeless, hospitals and health centers, adult and family shelters, services and shelters for women and families who are homeless. All numbers were verified in 2000.

The directory was compiled by Women of Means, Inc. We are a non-profit organization providing free, accessible health care to homeless and poor women in Boston shelters. By purchasing this reference directory at the price of $25 (plus shipping), you can add to the efficiency of your own organization and help support our efforts as well.

You can contact us by telephone at 781-239-0290, by fax at 781-235-6819 or by e-mail at wom@mediaone.net. Please direct your inquiries to Judith Perry.

If you would like print out the order form please click here.

Women of Means is headed by Roseanna H. Means, M.D. Dr.Means trained at the Brigham & Women's Hospital and has spent 16 years in the Boston area as a primary care physician. Since 1990, she has devoted a significant percentage of her clinical time to caring for the homeless, including several yeas as a Medical Director of a residential recuperative facility for homeless persons. In 1998, she elected to concentrate her energies on the most vulnerable of this population, the women. Women of Means, Inc. was founded on the knowledge that fear, confusion and mistrust keep many homeless bureaucratic barriers, Dr.Means and her associates have been able to significantly improve the health of hundreds of women.

For further information about WOM, check out our web site: http://www.womenofmeans.org

If you would like to make a cash or gift to Women of Means, (your gift is tax deductible) please click here.

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