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Through a collaborative effort with stakeholders and advocates, the Partnership has developed a Homeless Services Resource List for its network providers. Relationship building with these resource providers is considered essential and is a Partnership expectation of each Network acute care facility. The Partnership also expects that inpatient psychiatric and detox providers will pursue and exhaust other resources when planning discharges for patients who are homeless. In collaboration with the homeless advocacy community, the Partnership has also identified strategies and resources to facilitate appropriate discharge dispositions for members. To aid providers in the discharge planning process the following resources are available to network providers: Massachusetts Housing and Shelter Alliance "The Road Home" Program. The Massachusetts Housing and Shelter Alliance (MHSA), in collaboration with the Partnership, and EOHHS agencies, has implemented an interactive voice response system designed to identify custom-tailored resources for individuals who are homeless (appropriate, non-shelter placements and dispositions). Additional support such as transportation, legal services, and specialized interventions are also offered. All resource information will be faxed to the caller within several minutes of placing the call.
  • "The Road Home" Program Registration: In order to access the "Road Home" system, providers must first register with MHSA and obtain a Personal Identification Number (PIN). This is a one-time procedure which may require a 24-hour turn around before the PIN is issued. Providers are therefore encouraged to apply for a PIN number before they are presented with difficult discharge planning situations. MHSA is in the final stages of finalizing this interactive voice response system.
  • Contacting MHSA: When the system is activated, the 888 number will be published. To apply for a PIN, providers should contact John Kane at MHSA at (617) 367-6447, or e-mail: john@mhsa.net.
  • Partnership on Site Support for Discharge Planning (available to Metro Boston Facilities) The Partnership, in collaboration with the Department of Mental Health, has developed the capacity to assign DMH Homeless Outreach Team staff to high volume acute care facilities to assist discharge planners, on site, and better coordinate discharge planning.

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